The mission of HDIF-USA is to promote financial stability and sustainable economic development in the Republic of Armenia. These objectives are achieved by promoting and distributing high quality products made by Homeland Development Initiative Foundation as well as engaging in activities that support skills development, educational training, and job creation.

HDIF-USA considers handicraft enterprise a viable way to relieve poverty and economics distress. We are particularly committed to advancing opportunities that stimulate income for women and persons with disabilities who are traditionally unable to participate in international commerce. There is a place in the global economy for Armenia’s skilled artisans and an important role they can play in building a strong, democratic nation. HDIF-USA believes that creative industries are increasingly becoming important tools for sustainable development.

HDIF-USA is a 501(c)3, independent nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of California. For more information, please email hdifusa1@gmail.com.

HDIF-USA Board of Directors

The role of the all-volunteer Board of Directors in the U.S. is to 1) carry out the mission of the organization; 2) provide oversight for specific operations and support the staff; 3) ensure financial accountability and stewardship; and 4) advocate for and serve as ambassadors in the community and among peers.


Paul Vartan Sookiasian

Nani Shirikjian
Vice President

Kristine Jegalian

Adrine Hamamah

Ani Boyadjian

Paula Boghossian

Jirair Ratevosian

Beth Broussalian
Founder & Executive Director