Marash Stitch Necklace

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These beautiful handicraft necklaces are made by Syrian Armenian women now living in Armenia. Each piece plays a role in the preservation of traditional Armenian needlework techniques. Since ancient times, Marash has been known as a prosperous center of arts and crafts. One of the important expressions of Marash culture is Marash needlework, which is unique in terms of both materials and ornaments. Traditionally passing from generation to generation, it has preserved its features and ornamental details.  There are two types of Marash needlework: the first is level stitch, and the 2nd is slip/blind stitch, which is entirely unique to the region. Marash work is also used in the preparation of ecclesiastical clothing and textiles.  Copyright 2019 © Homeland Development Initiative Foundation.

We love this for Mother's Day, birthdays, hostess and holiday gifts.

Cord measures 27.5 inches. Pendant is 1.75" round